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  • The Revd Dr Timothy Smith

Why the Need for Foundation South Sudan

Here is a story that highlights why we have established Foundation South Sudan:

I am John Madit Kur born Jan 1st,1997 in a remote village of a former Warrap State of the war ravaged South Sudan. I was born into a family of seven. My parents were farmers.In the village there was peace and plenty of good will, things I am still nostalgic about. Far and away we could hear sporadic attacks but it did not change much in our lives. When I became of age,my parents sent me to school and though education was informal-with learning done under the trees, it was enough to make me read and write. I was very passionate about education and I had wanted to be an accountant. Learning went on till I almost finish my grade school.

It's wasn't long when that vicious war between government of Sudan and rebel (SPLA) intensified, spilling over to our village. Everything; life, school were interrupted. shielding and aerial attacks from gov't and Arab militia were order of the day. When we could not resist and nowhere to hide anymore, we fled in one of the worst incidents of 2012 toward Yei where we were lucky to get UNHCR that came to our rescue. They help brought us to Yei and gave us food and shelter.

In Yei, fear and worry of aerial attack made it hard for UNHCR to settle us. They decided to relocate us to Kakuma Refugee Camp. Arriving at Kakuma, being a young boy I quickly forgot the ordeal but settled into a new life, starting my school again in Form One at Green Light Refugee Secondary School. I therefore, completed my Form Four successfully.


John Madit Kur

it's two years now since I finished my Form Four in 2017. I did not attend the school [university], since I have no support from anywhere. Therefore ,I beg your kindness and understanding just to help me with a short course that will help me make my life and to help others. Thanks.



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